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Fast & Competitive
Pool Services

Fall or spring, we can help you get your pool ready for the incoming season. At Moes Construction, we can do it all from installing your new pool from LATHAM or SWIMCRAFT. Let us take your home from a space to a retreat with our custom packages.

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Before and After Winter Prep

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great lakes pool

Want to make your pool easy to access? Let Great Lakes Automatic install an automatic cover using top-of-the-line Cover Pools technology. A seasonal cover that allows you to open and close your pool with ease.


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Ready to extend your pool season? We are an authorized RAYPAK seller and service center. 


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proteam chemical

Wondering about the health of your pool water? Bring in a water sample and we will test your water for free today! We provide an analysis and recommendations. Our store is stocked with PROTEAM and NATURAL CHEMISTRY brands to improve your water!

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Need to winterize your pool for the season? Utilizing Loop-Loc technology we can get your pool into shape for the winter season!


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Don't wait to check on your pool water, bring in a sample today for free testing and recommendations!

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Steel Wall Vinyl
Liner Pool

Our most popular pool type! Bottoms can be concrete painted or plastered. Plaster bottom require little to no maintenance and come in multiple color options. Walls are done with durable, high quality marine grade steel.


We can set you up with any water type as well including chlorine, bromine, and saltwater options. Choose from a catalog of patterns to find the perfect vinyl wall! Pair your new pool with a high quality seasonal cover from Loop-Loc to ensure that your pool vinyl lasts 10-13 years!


Click here to view our vinyl patterns through Latham!

Vinyl liner construction

Understanding Pool Chemicals

Pool and spa maintenance is essential. Clean water is important for a fantastic pool and spa experience. No one wants to swim in contaminated water. We recommend PROTEAM and NATURAL CHEMISTRY products to keep your water in great condition all season long. We carry these products in our showroom at competitive prices.


Bring in a water sample today for free water testing!

Custom waterfall


What ProTeam once a week maintenance can do for your pool and spa:

  • Algae Removal

  • Metal Removal

  • Filter Cleaner

  • Water Clearer

  • Sanitizer

  • PH Buffer

  • Calcium Hardness

  • Alkalinity

  • Borate Based


Natural Chemistry

can assist you with many pool and spa troubles utilizing natural enzymes instead of borate.


Visit our showroom to learn more about these safe and effective products.

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